Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Train harder , Monkey!

Another great week of riding has passed. I managed a respectable 240 odd K's between the road and mountain bike with lots of hills and a few coffees too. I even managed a fresh brewed coffee at Daisy Hill on the picnic ground tables thanks to Nick, Annick and Eric. There was even biscotti!
This weekend holds the promise of a 160km slog to Springbrook on the Gold Coast hinterland that includes a long sustained climb of around 7% added to one lane bridges and rainforest humidity. It is now time to test myself out a bit and see whether the training has had any effect on my fitness and start to gauge how I will fare on the long days of climbing to come. I will have Nick to push me along and Gary for company and general smiley demeanor. While I am looking forward to the ride I totally expect to suffer during the later stages of the ride and to have shot legs the next day. My plan is to head out the next day for a cruise to see just how pounded I am following the big ride the day before. There is also the little matter of the leg waxing......
Yep, thats right. I am having my legs waxed. I put out the call to my comrades on MTBDirt.com to raise $1000 in order to see me wax my rather hirsuit legs. If you don't know me, my legs resemble 2 pipe cleaners wrapped in mohair rugs. Pretty darn hairy. The buggers managed to raise the money and now I am all prepped up to have the dastardly deed done on Sunday morning. I hope someone has the good sense to inform the local community that the screams of anguish are not some poor animal being tortured but merely the necessary evil to raise some money for my favourite charity. I apologise now for the expletives that may or may not escape my otherwise chaste mouth during the event. Crikey.
So stay tuned. The next few entries promise to be entertaining to say the least. Is anyone in the market for a mohair rug?

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  1. Not some poor animal being tortured?? Yes it will be! ;)