Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Connection correction.

It's been a busy time! I made this half arsed promise to myself a few months ago to take the pressure off and stop worrying about whether I was training and just get out and be more active. It has worked really well. There were a few struggles with early mornings, I am not naturally a morning person, and a few struggles with the initial lack of fitness but they have both settled into a nice regular rhythm that I actually look forward to. On the measurable and quantifiable scale I have lost a few kg's and can now manage a bit higher average speed across my activities. The most exciting and less quantifiable areas though are what have me most excited.
I feel really level and grounded. I am enjoying work as I feel much more prepared to deal with the stress and peaks of workloads. I have way more patience when dealing with my boys than I have had for a while. That has led to some really great times with heaps of laughs and cuddles. Alison, well we had an amazing break over Christmas and even though there has been some stress with school starting again I feel very close to her and very connected. All in all the abundance of emotional energy is transferring itself into a deep and spiritual enjoyment of exercise.
I own a lot of bikes. They are all being ridden. That statement alone is new and exciting given the last couple of years. I have a very dirty and well used pair of trail running shoes. Yes, running shoes. I now do a regular core strength workout and boy is it paying dividends. That's right folks, planking, sit ups, push ups. The whole bit. I am eating REALLY well. Lots of fruit and vegetables with very few sweet treats. No booze and lots of water. 4 kg dropped people. 4kg.
So what is it all for? No particular reason. I am just riding the wave. Sure I have entered some races and have set a couple of targets but they are there for perspective, not to live my life towards. Being healthy and feeling great leads me to want to set goals and try to achieve results and not the other way around. Do the ride, do the run, wake up early. Because you can.