Monday, September 17, 2012

An Epic way to spend a day.

Well that was interesting! I did my first Epic ever and now I know why it's called that. This race truly has an epic amount of single track and really does have some testing and mildly heartbreaking sections.
As far as my race report goes it was relatively dull. There was a seriously competitive field with lots of fast guys who actually train and prepare for events like this. My hope is that next year for this event I might be one of them. My goals were modest with a view to finish and if possible knock it over in less than 6 hours. I managed to achieve both with a provisional time of about 5 hours 50 minutes. I had a couple of little problems with a few cramps in the calves at about 70km and some stomach cramps around the 79km mark. Those were the worst because I was so close to finishing and it really took some effort to get up off the ground and pedal again. Otherwise I just ground it out. Every time I turned the pedals, I got closer to finishing.
There were a couple of high points along the way. I climbed razorback without getting off. There was a line of riders getting off or in various states of falling off as I hit the bottom of the climb. It was pretty loose and very steep but I toughed it out and made the crest with a heart rate similar to a race horse on meth. Red line much? I also had a strong pull at the front of a group of rather unhelpful riders along a tarmac section leading into Mulgowie. Thanks to the guys who did help out. I enjoyed the paceline heaps! Of course there was the social aspect too. Nick was very kind and offered to drive out and back and we had a great chat. I rode along for a while with Paul Burrows too until he left me on one of the longer climbs that I struggled up only by pedalling with my eyelids. Yep, that bad.
Strangely I am not in the least disappointed with my result. Results come from hard work and preparation and I have been sadly lacking in both for some time now. I've got the urge back to race now though and that was what pushed me on over the line yesterday and will keep me fired up to train and try and achieve some more note worthy results over the next year or so. I promised I would try my guts out and if the cramps weren't proof of that I don't know what is. Don't be expecting to see me on top of any podiums but hey, let's see what happens.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Boomerang.

Yep that's me. I went out into the blue, spinning furiously, and just when it looks like there is no chance I will ever return....... I curved, lurched upwards one last time and came rushing back. It was a hell of a flight and at times I had no control over it. Scary but a little liberating at the same time.
So what does all that lyrical clap trap mean? It has been a long, long time since I have shared anything here and an even longer time since I actually wanted to share something here. It was a chore. It was laboured. Why now? Well things have, as they invariably do, changed. A lot.
I left my job of five years. I went to a risky, casual employment scenario. It meant I left the stress, the uncertainty and the anguish behind too. So far it has invigorated me and made me feel motivated and valued. As for the financial part? That's working out OK. The weight has lifted off my shoulders and my vest is back. I want to go ride a bike.
My plans are grandiose as always when it comes to riding and competing. Next year there are some serious IOU's in terms of pain and suffering to be cashed in and a whole bunch of proving that I am willing to fail in the pursuit of success. I have sat on my arse this year and made excuses for not racing. I love racing. I love competing. Stay tuned for the gory details of my successes and failures. It will be fun to watch.
This weekend I will race the Flight Centre Epic. Eighty seven kilometres of trying my guts out. There won't be any miraculous good result here. There's no training behind me to see that happen but there is a desire to go out and empty the tank. I'll give it everything and feel shattered come the end. I'll finish, and that will do for this year.
How far can I go in one year? Stick around and find out.