Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pain is temporary, and so is waxing....

Today I delivered on my promise to have my legs waxed for charity. It started out with a ride at Bunya for a couple of hours and then culminated in a festival of pain as my so called friends tore strips off me, literally. About 4 weeks ago when I set the target of $1000 I thought it would be a tough ask to reach. I thought my hairy legs were safe. How wrong could I be.
The event has raised well over the $1000 for Working Wonders and has reinforced the knowledge that I will have a number of keen supporters as I traipse across the country side. Quite humbling.
I promise that in the next few days I will post some photos and a much longer description of the whole disaster. Right now, I need a beer, a sit down and a little sob quietly in the corner as I lament 40 years of old growth leg forest having been clear felled and laid waste.
Fair well old friend.

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