Friday, February 12, 2010

Big rides and big news.

This morning I rode what has become a bit of a regular Friday loop. I was joined by the "usual suspects" for about a 55k rip around Winn Road and Bunya Road. I say "about" because this morning I got to ride a different bike from my Klein and didn't get time last night to fit my Garmin to it. Some may think this is my big news, a new bike! Well it was exciting and really fast but that is not it. At the end of the ride Nick (he who usually rips my legs off and beats me with the soggy stump) admitted  that today even he had to work a bit to keep up with me, even though along Bunya Road he spat me out the back and left me gasping for air. Now thats pretty big news. Still not big enough though.
So what could possibly be bigger than the new road bike or keeping up with Nick? Well Spencer has absolutely pulled the goods for our team. Giant Australia has offered us the use of not only their brand new van to drive down to Victoria for the race but the use of two bikes to compete on! Unreal.
This all came about when the reps for Giant in Queensland showed up at Cyc'd for Bikes where Spencer works displaying the brand new van to the boys in the shop. They very kindly offered that if the shop needed to borrow the van that it would be cool to do so. Spencer added half tongue in cheek, "Well actually we are driving to Victoria for this race. Don't suppose we could use it for that?" After quizzing him on the details they agreed it would be fine to do so and that if we were down there driving around in a Giant branded van we better be on Giant bikes! Cool!
This awesome news comes at the end of a week where we had decided to drive to Victoria due to the expense and logistics issues. We were either going to be in a Nissan ute or a Renault Clio. Hard work to transport bikes and gear. So nows the bit where I say a MASSIVE thank you to Matt and Brent from Giant and a HUGE well done to Spencer. That act of generosity has certainly made the whole process of getting to the race and doing well immeasurably more simple.
The only remaining question is, well, can I now say I am a sponsored rider? Just kidding. In my mind I am though........


  1. Keep it up Wingy, I reckon you are about to move up a level.

  2. WOOOOOHOOOOO I look forward to the review of the new XTC 29er perhaps????

    you little ripper!

    Chris P