Friday, December 4, 2009

Time to get serious.

The last few weeks have been busy at work to say the least. I can only say that my energy reserves have been put to the test just keeping going and as a result my riding has been non existent. Tomorrow that all changes. I am putting together a plan to ensure I get enough K's in my legs as I move toward the Terra Australis in March. I need to ride every day to condition myself to recovering after a long ride and backing it up over the 7 days of racing.
I've missed the training badly. I get moody and grumpy when I don't ride. I think tomorrow a nice 60-80k road ride to ease the legs in should set me on the right path. If I go out to Laceys Creek and back through Strathpine I will get that easy. Its a really pretty place to ride too. Good for the soul. Sunday needs to be a mountain bike ride and I think that Gap Creek and Mount Nebo would provide the ideal setting for that. Up to the top, maybe a quick coffee and then back down to finish with some singletrack and a little fun.

Each day will bring an opportunity to ride. A commute to work, an afternoon spin in the forest or a morning road ride to clock up the K's. I want to keep it fresh and interesting because this type of training can wear you down pretty quick. I know my riding friends will be there to help push me along and the messages from supporters and friends will keep my mind focused on the goal. For now I am just happy to ride this weekend.. It won't be as intense as it will get but for now, it will do.

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