Sunday, December 13, 2009

Generosity from afar.

When I first decided to attempt the Terra I approached Finish Line Events to ask permission to use the race as a fund raiser for Working Wonders. The organisers were more than helpful and open to the idea and even put me in touch with a couple from the States who had won an entry into the race for 2010. Due to circumstances not allowing them to make it back for the race they offered to sell the entry to Spencer and I for half price! That made a huge diference to Spencer and I as it has allowed us to spend a little more on the logistics of the race and keep a few comforts along the way.
So firstly thanks to Clayton from Finish Line Events. I'm looking forward to buying you a beer for your help. Secondly thanks to Dean and Jaclynn. Your generosity is very much appreciated by Spence and me. Needless to say, if you're ever in Brisbane there will be an extra shrimp on the barbie, plenty of ice cold beverages and a guide to show you around.

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