Saturday, December 5, 2009


I got my long road ride in today. All didn't go as planned admittedly but in the end it was a success. I left a little later than usual with the intension of building up my tolerance to heat as the reports from last years race stated some pretty high temperatures. I took plenty of water and planned the ride to have a stop at the midway point to refill water and maybe grab a snack.Sounded great in theory.
 I would never say I felt good this morning as I set out. My sleep was broken and I didn't feel rested when the alarm went off. I ate some breakfast, had my traditional cup of tea and cruised downstairs to put the last of my gear on. Helmet buckled, shoes strapped, gloves on. Go time. I headed over the Samford Range straight up. The base of the climb (its not that big but really sucks first thing in the morning!) is only about 2 k's from home so I don't really get in the groove before I hit it. Even at that early stage I felt dead in the legs and quite unmotivated. By Samford Village I had no form on the bike and was wobbling around like Santa's beer gut! Things looked a bit grim. At 16k's they were more than grim, they were downright terminal. My stomach was cramping so I rolled off the road in a shady spot. I got off the bike. I took off my helmet. I threw up. I felt better. Not much, but better just the same. Rolled oats and orange juice never taste as good the second time around.
I sat there for nearly 20 minutes and contemplated calling my wife to pick me up several times. Then out of the blue I thought, "In March I won't be pulling out just because I feel a bit off. Harden up buttercup." And there it was. It felt like 2 people having an argument inside my head and the guy saying "stop being such a wimp" was beating the snot out of the other one with logic! So I got on and rode a bit more. I made it to Dayboro feeling pretty shattered but none the less pleased I hadn't pulled the pin.
A can of the black doctor, a couple of peaches and a big bottle of water later I was ready to go again and feeling heaps more like riding the 40 odd k's home I had ahead of me. My average speed climbed slowly and  I found that nice easy stance on the bike that takes so much less energy than the rolling fat man shuffle that was my morning so far. I even smiled. So, 75 k's all up. Not too bad, not too bad at all.
Link to the ride stats and course

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  1. Cracking write up mate, remember this, Even the very worst bike ride be it on the road or on the trail is 100% better than a good day at work. Feel the burn mate, it will make you strong like bull!!