Friday, June 12, 2009

The Reason Why.

I will post up some excerps from the day book we kept when Jack was in hospital. You might all think I am crazy, but if you don't think this is a good cause I'll do it naked. Most of the writing is by Alison and although it might read as being very matter of fact I can promise you it wasn't at the time. Lots of people asked us how we survived the stress and emotion of this period in our lives. Well I think the secret to it was the "we" bit with a healthy dose of the "friends and family" bit. There were a lot of tears and "why us" to begin with but somewhere early on as we watched Jack undergo procedure after procedure with bravery and barely a complaint it just clicked. We're a family, we're here for each other and right now there is no use in wasting energy on anything other than helping our beautiful baby boy get better.
The following is what happened on the first two days in hospital. I wrote this stuff but only in note form so excuse the grammar.

Thursday 24th April, 2003.
Paediatric appointment - breathing difficulty
Straight to Hospital after lump is discovered on neck.
C.T. scan requiring general anaesthetic.
I.C.U. for observation afterwards.

Friday 25th April, 2003.
Paediatric consult - concerned with airway so a tracheostomy (big hole in throat through which he will breathe) is ordered up.
During surgery decision is made to remove lump and not do trachy.
Didn't look good.
Removed about 80% of lump.
Breathing improved out of sight. Some complications with nerve damage to eye probably caused by swelling.
Lump appeared to be tumour and was sent to histlogy.

24 hours on a bike? Piece of cake compared to just one hour on either of those two days. If you want to donate, just put a comment up here.


  1. Can you do it naked even if I think it's a good cause!!! :P

  2. How much money you got? If you pony up a heap of cash I will do a lap nudie..... I do mean a heap of cash though.

  3. Unfortunately a trip overseas means not very much at the moment... even still... make sure you pass on the details.