Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Pit Crew.

Well I have now finished my training for the race next weekend. I will take it pretty easy this week with just a couple of easy rides to work. It's time to thank a few of the people who have helped me along the way and a couple of others who have donated some time to act as support crew for me throughout the weekend.
Obviously you can't do a bike race without a bike. My mate Spencer has been looking after my bike now for about 10 years as well as taking me out and smashing me around the trails of Brisbane. Now Spencer does work for a bike shop, but he has often gone above and beyond to get my bike on the trails and stop me from whinging like a little kid! He's racing this weekend too and has promised to yell abuse at me as he passes by. Onya mate!
Another big thanks must go to the mob from MTB Dirt. Unwittingly they have been my training partners, motivators and even transport to the epic rides over the last year or so. There are far too many to name individually but you know who you are.
All the people who donated money to the charity! You rock.
Chris and Marcel. Marcel doesn't even ride and he is coming out to offer support and Chris has been well and truly bitten by the bike bug. I can't say that they will be highly entertained as a lap takes about an hour and that means an awful lot of doing nothing while I punch out laps. Maybe they just want to see me suffer! Next year Chris says he wants to get a team together for this race so I guess I better offer to be team manager for that one. God knows I won't want to ride the race. I may never want to ride again.......
Lastly but definitely not least, Alison my wife. There are so many reasons I love her. She is a great Mum, a great partner and my best friend. Alison has a quiet strength that has seen her get through some tough times and still come out a positive and beautiful human being. I have watched in awe as she gave birth to my two wonderful kids and continues to raise them with gusto. I could not do this without her understanding and support.
Thank you all.

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