Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Xmas to all!
There goes another year for me. As a brief recap for the year it went something like this. I changed jobs 3 times. Yep, 3 times. I have had some niggling health issues that have made life a bit ordinary too. My anxiety and depression issues returned to a point where I sought help again in order to get them under control. Sounds pretty bleak? Well surprisingly not.
As much as each of the moments in themselves were a bit scary, or concerning or just downright annoying there was never a time when I felt alone. I always had support. The anxiety reared its head in January but Alison was there to talk it through with and my friends and family showed concern but tempered it with support for my decisions and understanding for the behaviors and moods that had been a precursor to it. I'm travelling along swimmingly again now.
Jobs. Just wow. I had a contract that was coming to an end and was stressed that it might mean I was unemployed for a period of time following that. At the last possible minute I was snapped up by a company in the same industry and immediately dropped in the deep end. It was hectic and somewhat stressful but I survived it and learnt a bunch along the way. I loved my work mates and really appreciate the opportunities that the position gave me. I would still be there if not for an opportunity that arose out of nowhere. I have been out of the arts industry for nearly 2 years and each time I have contact with it again I see what I am missing. Sure it can be hard work and often thankless but there is still nothing like seeing a performance come to life. It's a bit special. So a position as a Production Manager came up for QPAC, the Queensland Performing Arts Complex. I applied with no expectations as there was a strong field of applicants and the reality is that these positions are rare. I interviewed well and walked out thinking that if someone else got it, they were going to do a good job. I'd given it a red hot go. I can't tell you how happy I was when I got it. Stoked.
The health issues really were a speed bump as it turns out. After having things prodded into places I would really rather not have things put, it seems a couple of small issues were giving me grief in a long term way. Sorted now though with a bit of simple day surgery. Et voila! Here we are.
What has any of this got to do with my adventures? Well life is one great adventure isn't it. There have been some moments along the way but all in all 2013 was OK. My family is happy and healthy, I have great friends and I always have the potential for some really cool adventures. This year it's about converting the potential into reality. No promises but it could be a great 2014.

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