Monday, February 4, 2013

Strava says I'm feelin' good.

I've been quietly knocking out a few rides over the last month. It's been very busy with family and then work stuff too though so my musings have taken a back seat.
There is a definite correlation between the number of rides I am doing and the state of mind I am experiencing. While nothing of late has been earth shatteringly huge or set land speed records or done anything other than get my arse on a bike there is no denying that each and every time I get out and ride the resultant mental state is overwhelmingly positive. So what does that pile of bollocks mean? I really love riding my bike.
I have made a regular booking for Thursday nights with Stokesy and Rients and so far the rides have been very relaxing. A roll through the local trails or a jaunt up Camp Mountain on a beautiful summers evening is a damn fine way to end a day. I think that as the fitness levels of all three of us increase the pace will undoubtedly follow suit. Right now though it is cool to chat and pedal.
I have still maintained the occasional solitary ride too. I just love getting on the road bike and just going. I haven't had time or the fitness to bash hundreds of K's but a good solid couple of hours gets me to some very cool places. I love the Winn Road loop that takes me out around North Pine Dam and the back roads of Samford.
I am regaining my single minded desire to make the time and effort to get on a bike, any bike and go pedal it. I am racing this year in a few events but rather than the hurried, often stressed out feeling of needing to "train" I am just enjoying riding. For the first time in over a year I am starting to crave the physiological payoff that comes with having a crack.
My new bike helps too. Yeah, I said it. I have a new bike. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the support of Cyc'd for Bikes and Giant. Since 2010 these guys have helped me out in more ways than just with bikes. I try to give back where I can and I only hope that my appreciation shows through. The bike? Well it's a 2013 Anthem Advanced X1. It really is about as perfect a bike for me as I could ask for. I will do a full review in the next few days. I have only just got it set up properly and done a few short rides. This weekend promises something a bit more solid to give me a much better feel for what it's really like. The truth is, I have a great platform, with the running gear I love with a carbon main frame. What's not to love.
So there it is. Strava says I did some rides. My state of mind confirms it. I love it when a plan comes together.

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