Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Beer Burner.

Out and about on the first day of 2013. I must say that this year the holiday season has been blessed with very mild summer weather. I even got up late and didn't leave for my ride this morning until 9am! That's unheard of in previous years. While it was still warm, there was a lovely breeze to keep it bearable and particularly on some of the small descents the conditions were just awesome.
I wouldn't really class todays ride as a training ride. It was slow with only 790m of ascent in the 50 odd K's. I may have slightly over indulged last night in some fine Australian ales and was really planning for a ride to burn off the festive cheer and to start 2013 in the manner I wish to continue. No New Years resolutions for me, no half arsed promises. Do what I can, when I can, and enjoy it!
My legs felt like they had 5 beers in them, which they did. I got over the Settlement Road climb by reminding myself how crap the ride profile would look if I turned around and went home. This effort was only to be trumped by my grovelling progress up the short pinch on Gap Creek Road. At least when I made it over that I had started to feel a little better. I wasn't about to set any land speed records today but perhaps a ride of respectable size for New Years Day was on the cards.
The plan for the ride was to get as far from home as quickly as I could so that I had no choice but to make a decent fist of it. I got over to the river beside Jindalee where I took a moment to sit down, drink a bit and splash water on my head to cool down. That was like a magic tonic from a fairy tale! I got back on the bike, sped up the first climb and was half way along the Centenary Cycleway before I knew it. Nah, not really. I was just as slow as ever but I did feel pretty good.
I returned along the Corro Drive bike path and was rewarded with no traffic, a clear run and a favourable tail wind. It was nice to sit up and just roll along and enjoy the scenery. Even the short blast along Roma Street was easy with no hassles. When I got home I just turned the hose on myself and sat there for a few minutes. Great way to cool off.
So there it is. 2013 has started. Giddy up!
Beer Burner.

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