Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eating Cake, Chasing Dogs.

It's pretty obvious that my motivation has been in the red for the last couple of months. A combination of stress at work, too much booze and not enough riding has left the tell tale marks that the black dog has been gnawing away at my mental stability. I overslept on Saturday morning and missed a ride that day and felt really disappointed in myself. The only thing that can give me any chance of actually getting out of bed to ride is to set up a ride with someone else. If I am meeting someone, I will most likely show up. So I rang Rients.
The plan was simple. Ride up Nebo and have a coffee and then come back however we felt was best. The plan worked amazingly well with Rients in no hurry due to a big tour ride he has planned next weekend and me just happy to plod along and get some miles in. We talked all the way. Have a look at the average speed! The coffee was great at the top as was the massive banana muffin. The company was awesome all the way. It really was a perfect day for riding.
So here I am, kicking back to Nick Drake and wondering when the drive will come back. I'm off the booze (for a while at least) and I know that always helps to get some balance back. I usually start to get energy back after a week or so and hopefully then it will be on. I have had the black dog chasing me pretty solidly now for a couple of months. It's time for me to take that figurative rolled up newspaper that is my bike and give that bastard a touch up. Instead of having it chomping at my heels, I reckon its time I chased it down the street swinging that newspaper like a maniac. I know it is too much to ask to see it tuck it's tail between it's legs and scarper yelping all the way, but hey, just knowing I have the bastard on the run will do.
I'm happy and content now. The ride did it's magic today.

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