Sunday, August 28, 2011

I went riding.....

That is all. I got on my bike and rode for 3 hours. If it wasn't for Nick ringing me and giving me no excuses for pulling out I would have bailed and stayed on the couch. It was well worth it though. Breezing around Bunya on the single speed is something that should be put on the therapeutic goods list.
The plan was to roll around at a very relaxed pace but not stop. It means we get to chat along the way and get a workout without thinking about it. After an hour or so Nick got a call and soon Eric was joining us for our cathartic spin in the bush. The route was nothing new but it is always fun.
My legs hurt now but my brain feels great. There is precious little time over the next couple of weeks for me to ride but at least I got one ride in. A big thanks to Nick and Eric for the company and the awesome conversation. Now Nick has even convinced me to have a crack at an 8 hour race in a month or so. Should be a real laugh.

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