Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Summer Cup lovin', take 2.

My lessons I did learn.

  1. I didn't take a water bottle. I hydrated before the race.
  2. I picked good lines and stayed smooth.
  3. I had a great cheer squad (again).
  4. I had a great time. The racing was tops and the event really well run.
The lessons I didn't learn.
  1. I had a craptacular start! I was nearly last out of the first corner. 
  2. I hydrated TOO well. I had stomach cramps at about lap 2 and they really didn't go away until I ate something after the race. I felt bloated and really needed a pee.
But anyway, here's how the rest of the race played out.
This week there was an extra half lap added to the course and it was reversed. While my Garmin didn't show that it was more climbing or a harder course it really felt that way. I messed up the first corner and quickly found myself behind a lot of riders. I think I passed 4 riders during the race so I must have been nearly last. Once I got to the first climb I decided this was just not acceptable. I stomped on the pedals and made up some ground and then sat behind a little knot of riders until we hit the first descent. Down we go, two places made up.
My second lap was my fastest of the race and I got two more riders along the way. Up in front of me I could see Jeremy, who I had duked it out with last week for 9th and 10th. Now Jeremy had got the hole shot at the start but had faded a bit over the next lap. I put in some big efforts to catch him and get his wheel. I just sat there trying to get some composure back before having a crack at getting around him. That really is the best thing about this kind of racing. I'm not racing for sheep stations but just for fun. You get to have a go at beating your mates and there is always a bit of friendly ragging going on. You can have those little battles away from the top places but that are just as serious as if it were for the podium. I monstered him up a long climb on the back of the course. I got around! I just had to hang on for the second half of the course and I'd have the wood on Jeremy for 2 weeks in a row. The effort up the hill had monstered me though. I held him in the single track and all the way back to the last open section of the course. Jeremy sprinted hard and got past me. That was the last time I saw him for the race as he pulled away strongly and I faded faster than Justin Beiber's talent at a live show. 
Oh well. I limped over the line in tenth this time rather than ninth. Jeremy put about 15 seconds into me in the last bit of course with his strong move to finish. I congratulated him at the finish line and went over for a post race rehydration ale. It was frosty cold and took the dust away. Pure bliss. Again big props to Brisbane South Mountain Bike Club, they really do run a great event.

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