Friday, February 25, 2011

Last weekend.

Sometimes there is just a big waste of time and energy associated with writing a blog. Today you can look at he pictures, have a look at the profiles and know I had a good time. Special thanks to Lance, Neil and Craig for Sunday. It was a top ride with really like minded people. The ginger beer at Lances was the topper for a great weekend.
Bunyaville and Ironbark for a roll and some dirt therapy.

Mermaid Mountain on Sunday.
 I have never done this ride before. Let me tell you this is beautiful country and the view from the top is spectacular. The profile does not do this ride justice. Some climbs hit 30% and went on forever. I loved it.

Top of the first climb. It was steep! Craig lets me know.

Still smiling though..

It's bush. Beautiful bush.

Our intrepid leader. Lance climbs like a scalded cat.

He is shy though.

Neil gets there without dying. 
Neil looks well pleased.

Why we did it. The view back to Ipswich and beyond.

Lake Manchester.
Get the dirt under your tyres kids. It puts the soul back in.

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