Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It is quite amazing the difference a positive mental outlook can have on an otherwise dull week. I have tried to lower the pressure on myself and enjoy life as a way of bringing back into focus how lucky I am to be alive. I'm fit (relatively!), strong and healthy. I have a loving and understanding wife, two amazing kids and some pretty darn cool friends. After that pretty much anything else is a bonus.

I am looking forward to a good ride in the morning and hoping to clock up 60k with a good few hills thrown in. The weekend holds the promise of a good mountain bike ride up Mount Nebo and another effort on Mount Mee on the roadie. I relish the thought. That with another ride on Friday morning should see me knock out close to 300km for the week. I know there is much more effort to come but I feel good about fitting in this much riding around work and family commitments.
My only area of concern is my fundraising effort. It is a little slow. There is still heaps of time and I know there will be more donations to come but I really want to meet my goal of $10,000. I have even agreed to have my legs waxed by some mountain bike mates provided they raise $1000 for me. Guess what, they did it. My legs will be bare for the first time in 15 years. Anyone want to buy a mohair rug made of leg hair?


  1. Can I paypal something? Otherwise it's too expensive to do from overseas.

  2. You can use a credit card at the Everyday Heroes site. if that helps.