Thursday, January 7, 2010

The comeback.

I finally feel like I have shaken the virus that nailed me just before Christmas. I managed to get up and go for two short rides in two days and I feel pumped about cranking a couple of big ones over the weekend. While the rides were only 30k's each it loosened up the legs and lungs and now the body is saying "Oh yeah, thats right. I quite enjoy this bike stuff!"
Hopefully now my state of mind will obey the rules and get with the programme too. I guess everyone feels a bit low when they are sick though. I suppose I am just really aware of when I feel a bit flat or unmotivated. I have had some awesome chats to different people over the last week all expressing that maybe I am being a little hard on myself and that I should reevaluate my goals for life in general. I reckon they are right. My qattempt at the Terra is supposed to be exciting and challenging and most of all fun. It may be fun in that "Oh my goodness I can't sit down coz my butt has turned into part of my bike saddle and if I sit I may never get back up again!" kind of fun, but it should still be fun. I'm not a pro cyclist, I don't do this to support my family and pretty much anyone who knows me will know that I will give it the best shake I can possibly manage.
I am a little bummed about the fund raising thing as I don't think I will meet my goal. It was pretty lofty to begin with but I guess whatever I raise is better than nothing.
On the positive side though a big thanks must go out to all the MTB Dirt lot who have donated or pledged along the way. You all rock. I am not surprised at the generosity from you all in one little bit as I ride with a lot of you regularly and it is the same spirit that sees a spare tube handed to someone in need, or a gel, or even a few words of encouragement along the way.
Time for a cuppa. Peace!

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