Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back in the saddle.

After a week of no riding due to a virus I finally got back on the bike today. It may have only been my commute to work but it felt good. (Well it felt good after it stopped feeling bad!) I do about 15km each way and it has formed an integral part of my training for the 24 hour race. The bicycle commute is quicker than the train, beats the heck out of sitting in traffic and is a great way to get fit.

I have entered in a 6 hour race on the 7th June as a warm up event to "The Big One" as I have now named it. The family is coming with me and it will be a great weekend of camping and general shenanigans mixed with a bit of bike riding. http://www.mtbgoldrush.com/ Looks like a great course and if you follow the link there is video of some of the course.

The boys are both very excited and this week they got new sleeping bags to make sure they are warm and toasty for the weekend. My chief mechanic for the race is Rohan, my 4 year old. He is quite handy with the spanners and loves helping out. I usually check his work just as a precaution....... Jack is definitely the team manager. His powers of strategic planning and negotiation should see him as either a politician or a premier league football coach in later life. Trying to win an arguement with him is like trying to win an arguement with myself. My mum says it's pay back. Of course then there is the engine room, Alison. She keeps us fed and watered and even listens with some interest to my musings on riding bikes, camping gear and all things outdoors. Alison loves camping too. I couldn't ask for a better partner in my crazy adventures.

So team Menzies is ready and raring for a big weekend. I will of course post some photos and a report after the race. Stay tuned as it should be quite a read!

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