Monday, November 10, 2014

Stripped Back and Laid Bare.

There is no hiding from the lack of posts here. I look over the number of drafts and aborted musings as well as the last post date and it's really pretty obvious. It may look like I have been off the planet, not riding and just not present. It's not really true though. New job, trips overseas, two very busy kids and a very, very purposeful avoidance of any means of tracking my activities just gives that illusion.
No GPS. That's the first step in my stripping back the riding I have done. Just go and ride the pace you want, where you want, when you want. No kudos or comments unless I choose to announce the activity. Most of all no self imposed pressure or goal. I just ride because it feels great.
Part 2 of the strategy, bust out the single speed. Nowhere to hide, no excuses. The lack of riding and fitness for me is just such and open wound once I hit the trails on that thing. My goodness it hurts. The pay off though is pure single track heaven with no distractions and that burning, gut wrenching joybomb that is getting over the rise, cleaning the tricky line with a rigid bike or just rolling back to home feeling honest and spent after a ride.
Part 3 of the strategy, just smash trails. I got a loan of a 5 inch trail bike. It's a Trance Advanced 1 with all the good fruit. While it isn't the bike I would choose for my goals next year it is a fun missile. I am genuinely coming home blasted from my rides on this thing because I just have to give it full gas all the time. Even climbing! There was a playfulness about riding when all those years ago, my mate Ricky (thanks mate) said to me "Buy a mountain bike mate, they are awesome!", and I seemed to have lost it. Go hit some trails and jump stuff. A water bar is an excuse to see what you can do. Get the whip on, land in the corner and gas it out the other side. Manual that section of brake ruts and go nuts out into the next section. Just get your moto back on! Man is it time to ride again yet?
Part 4 of the strategy, there are no strategies. Fitness is it's own reward. I've been trail running because it feels great and I see things I sometimes miss on the bike. I ride the bike I feel like riding. Pretty obvious really. The road bike has been neglected for a while but she'll get over it, the single speed probably feels like it's been ridden hard and put away wet. A good clean and a little love and it will be fine. The Revolt is raring to go and soon the chance will come. Whew! I am tired just thinking about it....
Just riding and smiling.

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