Monday, July 4, 2011

Moon light riding.

I received some really exciting news a couple of weeks ago and have been busting to get it out there. The guys from QBC, the distributors for Giant and a number of other brands here in Queensland offered me the chance to ride with their new light brand, MOON Lights. Looking at the spec sheets for the various units had me salivating with the option for a 1500 lumen light with a 3 hour burn time and a 1000 lumen with a 4 hour burn time the top dogs.
Normally I only like to ride with a helmet light so when given the option of which unit  I could get I went with the 1500 lumen X-Power 1500. With 5 power modes including a flash mode you get plenty of different light levels. They also come with both a helmet and bar light as standard as well as an extension lead and a strap to mount the battery wherever you might choose. All in all, a nice little package for a great price. The whole lot retails for $399.
These puppies are bright! After nearly blinding Drew on the first singletrack run I turned the light down to the 1100 lumen level. The quality and spread of the beam meant this was more than enough light to ride most trails. In fact it punched along the trail so well it was difficult for Drew to be in front. At least that was his excuse for lagging behind!
After the impressive results for the X-power 1500 I was also keen to try out the X-power 1000 units as for endurance racing I thought that one of these on the bars and one on the helmet might be a good combination. The 1000 uses 2 Cree XPG emitters and 1 XML emitter to give the lesser lumen output with a slightly better burn time. I really like the mounting brackets for these lights too. The bar mount is simple to use with a rubber strap that loops around and hooks back to the mount that sees only the rubber in contact with the bars. A nice touch particularly if you use carbon bars like me.
I got the opportunity to test the lights against another light in a similar price bracket and output. Again I was joined by Drew and also this time Reg came along for a roll too. Reg was running a 1400 lumen bar light and a 900 lumen helmet light. All three of us agreed that the MOON was a superior beam with a much wider throw and less hot spot than the light Reg was running. Not bad for $270 odd dollars! MOON lists the run times for the 1000 lumen as 3.5 hours.

The wash up of the first couple of rides with the MOON lights is that they produce an astounding amount of light. They might not be the lightest units in terms of weight but from my research they are comparable with lights of a similar output. You can go with the 1500 lumen model and need nothing else or go with 2 of the 1000 lumen units to put a light on the bars and the helmet. I still need to run the lights a few times to really confirm the run times. At this stage they seem pretty accurate though as I have ridden twice with the X-power 1500 with no issues and the X-power 1000 did a 2.5 hour ride with no issues.
I am really excited to get these lights out and race them. They fit right into my ethos of performance at a fantastic price. As I get more time with the MOON lights on the trail I will report back with updates. There are also a number of other products MOON does that the guys from QBC have given me to mess around with like tail lights and a very classy looking 300 lumen commuter light. All in all I could be spending a whole lot more time night riding from now on!


  1. Thanks for the review but was hoping for a little more info on how well the light throws. Basically I'm looking for actually distances not just that it is, "an astounding amount of light" which tells me nothing. ( for both the X1500 and the X1000).
    Hopefully someone will provide some actually beam shot for comparison soon. Cat man do

  2. Hi, I've got one of these. Does your on/off switch light up constant blue whenever the battery's connected? My light went off yesterday with no warning, so I don't know what the battery warning should look like. Should the blue light start to flash? After a full overnight charge and green light on charger, the switch lights up solid blue again. Thanks, Simon. emailtome at zoho dot com

  3. Hi Simon,
    Yep the light is constant when the battery is connected. I am looking into the battery warning issue for you and will get back as soon as I can. I will also have look through the manual although I don't remember seeing it in there.

  4. Thanks for your reply, Graham!

    Moon never replied to my email requesting support and I've now got a problem where the light isn't getting power from the battery.

    So, I have to conclude that it's excellent when it works but all you've got is an expensive handlebar ornament with no manufacturer support when it doesn't, so would recommend potential buyers to look at better-established brands before choosing.

    When it works, I love the light, but not the fixing method.

  5. Hey Simon,
    It's a real bummer that you are having issues. Is there any chance you can get the shop you bought the light from to help out with a warranty? I have seen a couple of issues with batteries and mounts and the distributors here have replaced them with no issues. Happy to try and help out so feel free to email me if that is appropriate.
    Cheers mate.