Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Final thoughts of a 24 hour punter.

I had a massive post drafted and ready to upload with heaps of filler about the last couple of weeks riding and preparation but in the end I thought, "Screw it, I am much more succinct than all that." So in a nutshell here it is.
This my fourth 24 hour race and my third solo. I've prepared pretty well physically, although as always for a punter racer like me you could have done more. I've got no excuses in that I have been healthy and had no major injuries so far this year. Above all else though I am looking forward to racing for 24 hours. Before you say it, yes I am a bit crazy because you have to be. I like the challenge so lets leave it at that. I feel better prepared mentally and emotionally to ride for 24 hours than I ever have before and I am actually relishing the thought of getting out there and proving something to myself.
Last year this course beat the snot out of me. No other way to put it. I missed a qualification for the worlds and lost all motivation to ride for quite a while. That problem is long gone now and I am enjoying riding more than I have for ages. I won't set land speed records or be up with the big boys but I will be consistent, and have a sense of humour the whole way through. If I can do that I will be one happy camper.
So come Saturday I'll be on the bike from midday with the intention of not getting off for any length of time until midday Sunday. With a lot of help from Marcel and Spencer, my fantastic pit crew, I'll get it done and have a cool story to tell you all about. Should make for some interesting reading. Lets be honest, my worst day on a bike is still better than my best day at work.......

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