Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh yeah!
Some where along the lines I got an extra place. I made the top ten! Well in my old fart category anyway. I am well pleased with this as my training has consisted of sitting at my desk working or drinking beer. Lets see what happens when I put a bit of effort in shall we. Still no photos though, sorry.


  1. Well done Graham! I haven't been able to motivate myself for any racing yet this year, but your training program sounds a lot like mine! Maybe the 6 hour could be my first outing of the year? Does beer make a good recovery drink?

  2. Awesome mate. Well done ya whippet

  3. Dave, beer is an excellent recovery drink in moderation!
    MW, down to 71kg again and still going. I have unfinished business with the Merida course here in May. You haven't ridden out there yet but when you get back for a holiday we are going. Raw mountain bike trails man, raw.

  4. I can't believe you have the option of working or drinking beer at your desk...

    Well done Wingy

    chris P