Saturday, August 14, 2010

I love public holidays

Wednesday was the public holiday for Brisbanes "Ekka" or exhibition. The Menzies family took the opportunity to head off for a short adventure up Mount Mee and do a little dirt driving. We first headed up to the gantry off Sellin Road where we then headed into the state forest for a look around. The whole adventure took only 5 hours but we got a few photos and the boys had a great time exploring the Rocky Hole as well as Bull Falls. 

The boys ran ahead down the walking track towards Bull Falls and marveled as the trees would join up over head to form the canopy of the rainforest. Whip birds called and let us know they were there and sometimes a glimpse of a small bird or insect would quieten the boys just for a moment. The recent rains meant the falls was quite spectacular with water spraying some distance over the cataracts.

We walked back to the car so we could head down to the Neurum Creek camp site. Hopefully over summer we can get up there for a weekend away. I didn't stop as I was conscious of not bothering the only family camped there but we did get a good look for planning purposes. As we got back to the main fire trail the sign to Rocky Hole beckoned. The boys loved it here! There were big rocks to climb and trails to explore. The water was gushing through here too which left it brown and turbid instead of the clear green water we had seen last time we visited up there. Rohan thought the water  looked like a huge bubble bath. Yeah a bubble bath after those little grubs had been in it.

It was a little cool up there though.
The boys exploring the rocks

Jack was looking cool as always. 
In a rare moment, the boys sat down long enough for me to take shot of them together. They were having a really good time! 

With much protesting we all got back in the truck. It looked a little like rain and we were out on our own. I didn't want to risk getting stuck in heavy rain alone as the trails can turn to slippery water slides really quickly in the wet. It was only a 20 minute run back to the gantry and there were lots of plans being offered from the back seat about how we could camp at Neurum Creek soon and what we might be able to do there. This all stopped about 8 seconds after we hit the black top. The sounds of snoring from the back seat was deafening! Alison and I had a very quiet trip home. Kids make this stuff.

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