Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wanted - Motivation.

To say my motivation has been lacking over the last 2 weeks is an understatement. The term "lacking" indicates that there was some attempt that has fallen short or failed but my situation is more of a complete disappearance of said item. It is really unfortunate timing considering that I have this little race in a couple of months that I was hoping to do pretty well at. I have had a couple of small problems with a cold and some leg and back pain but nothing too serious. I just couldn't be arsed.....
I have really enjoyed the few rides I have managed  over the last few weeks. The problem is more that the volume is seriously lacking in terms of training and preparing for a race. I know my leg strength has decreased and certainly my base fitness is declining rapidly. Funnily enough it doesn't stress me though. I'm OK with it for now. It'll hurt like a bee sting when the torch is lit though and I can expect that feeling of barely keeping my breakfast down and the suffocation of oxygen debt to be the wake up call I am needing. God I hate those feelings.
My mates will help snap me out of this funk too. The merciless ribbing when I drop off the back and struggle on the climbs will sting like that bee but last a whole lot longer. Such comments as "Are your brakes dragging?" and "No mate, you're not holding us up" when you know that really they are wishing you'd get a move on just sit in the back of your mind and eat away at you. It really does help though. Really.
Anyway if you are walking down the street and come across a lonely motivation looking lost and forlorn please just send it back to me as it is most likely the one I lost somewhere in the last few weeks.


  1. Graham, I've had trouble getting out of bed for a ride recently so I did a couple of things:
    1. Changed the alarm tone on my phone from some "nice" little bach tune to "Forever Young" by Bon Jovi. (You bet I want to stay young!)
    2. Keep my room warm. It's harder to get out of bed when the room is cold.
    3. Remember that I only need motivation for a short period of time. Usually for the short period of time it takes to get my gear on and get on the bike. After that I just do it. So if you're trying to encourage motivation to come back, just tell it that you only need it to stick around for a few minutes :)

  2. Good advice! I'll give it a try and see where it ends up. I know that there are periods along the way that motivation decides to take a holiday. It will come back.

  3. Well it seems that you found your lost motivation this weekend. I just hope that I did not wear it out for you on todays 200k epic