Sunday, September 6, 2009

Old mates and old trails.

Today was fathers day here. I got to stay in bed late, eat home made pancakes with bacon and maple syrup and drink cups of tea all day. I even got to go for a social relaxed ride around some favourite trails in the afternoon to top off the day. Bliss.
The topper had to be getting the call from my mate Adam as I sat at the start of the ride telling me he was parked next to me and was joining the ride. I haven't ridden with Adam for nearly 2 years. We tried once a few months ago but he crashed and injured his shoulder so we cut the ride short. He puffed and huffed up the hills, looked like he might chuck the cookies at any minute but still laughed and joked at the rest stops. Onya Adam!
Bloody tops ride. Heres hoping for many more.
Get on your bikes people.


  1. Was that Adam as in the Green variety?

  2. One and the same. After 2 years of cancellations he finally shows up unannounced at a social ride and has a ball. I miss the old days of Wednesday morning rides and weekend bashes.