Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to visit the blog site......

Oh my poor neglected blog! It's been pretty busy since my last post. Not busy in the fun exciting way but the dull, nagging and dragging way. I hadn't ridden for 6 weeks until last Sunday when I took a day off from my commitments and sat on the bike for a nice 50km spin through the hills.

First the commitments. We have a rental house, the tenants moved out and left it in a mess and ever since I have been there every weekend fixing it up and trying to get it ready for new tenants. So far the tally is 3 dead rats, 7 bags of rubbish from under the house, countless cockroaches and other bugs and LOTS of money to get the place to a livable state. Soul crushing probably describes it best.

So how bad did I need a ride? Until I managed to get out on the bike I was seriously considering upping my medication. My stress levels were through the roof and I had started feeling pretty low again. Along came my mountain bike buddies to snap me out of it. Its funny how suffering up some steep climbs and cracking a few jokes about it makes most things come rushing back into perspective. The day was perfect and the conversation oscillated between the riding and the usual collection of blue references to butts and the coffee and food waiting at the bakery after the ride. I was exhausted when I got home but SO happy. So far this week has been tolerable and with the prospect of another monster ride on Sunday things can only get better. I tell ya, get some exercises people. You won't regret it.


  1. That sucks about the tennents mate. Yeah it is amazing how the simple deed of riding ya pushy can somtimes be the best medicine for ones mental state and general health and well being. I too have just embarked on an epic ride last weekend which was the tonic I was needing. check out my teams blog for the low down on my ride north.

    Is that a 29er you are riding??

  2. Hello mate! I have been following the moulin blog since you found me here. I will check it out today.
    I still love getting into the singletrack but those long rides really top up my sense of achievement nowdays. I defected over to the 29er side of life to do the big rides and enduro stuff but I still have thr rigid 26 single speed for fun and games.
    One day my friend we will hook up for a big ride somewhere followed by a few beers and watching our collective broods run nuts and play. Sounds like a plan huh?